The National Chamber of Commerce of Bolivia is a centenarian and prestigious institution in our country, inspired by ethical principles and commitment to entrepreneurship. It is an apolitical institution that pursuit of excellence, progress as well as economic and social development of the country.


It is a private institution business association, with economic and political independence, which defends the interests of its members and promotes entrepreneurship and business development within a framework of fair competition to contribute to economic and social growth of the country.


Be the leading institution representing the business sector and trade, services and tourism, and valid entity with public, private, national and international institutions.


The Chamber of Commerce representing the following institutions and companies:

• Departamental Chambers of Commerce of the state
• Commercial and service companies in the Department of La Paz, to whom he acts as the Departmental Chamber of Commerce of La Paz.
• Binational Chamber of Commerce
• Association of the service sector.